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Twitter has made a huge impact

Before this class, if someone had come to me and asked me about I would have had no idea what they were talking about. My view on “social websites” such as twitter were unknowledgeable and weren’t very strong. I thought that websites like these were just confusing and never thought I would benefit in trying it out.

Well you never know until you try it. I came into PR Publications and started hearing about Twitter and how beneficial it could be getting in touch with peers and professionals. I never thought I would end up signing up for it because like I said, I didn’t think too highly of websites like that. Well I continued to hear about everyone joining Twitter and how hooked they were to it. So, I finally decided to create an account and see what the hype was about this website. At first I was still uneasy because I wasn’t sure how to navigate the site and what exactly it meant to “follow” people. I gave it some time and messed around with it a little. I started searching for people I could benefit from communicating with, and now that I’ve gotten the hang of it I see what everybody loves about this site!

I never thought even people that I didn’t know would care about communicating with me, but they do.  This site has a major advantage of being able to communicate with people from all over with many interests. I’m still relatively new to the site but I’m still working on developing a strong network of contacts with my twitter account. I know it takes time but I can’t wait to get more familiar with the site. For instance, I’m about to leave for Detroit for PRSSA National Conference and though facebook seems to be a good communication tool, I’m excited to meet people/network and continue to stay in touch with them on such sites like Twitter.


First Blog

I’m currently in Professor Nixon’s Publications class and this is my first blog ever!